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Recent Commissions

Last year was a very successful and busy year for me, with many lovely commissions coming in after my appearance on Country File. So busy in fact that I completely neglected the job of updating my website, so here are a few images of what kept me away from the computer.

SURFACE Burghley House 2013

This work explores how body language reveals our emotions and feelings. I wanted to capture those elements of posture which reveal our mood; that which lies beneath the surface. The piece, willow woven onto a steel armature shows people at play, enjoying life.

Transforming a bundle of willow rods into something curvy and inviting is very satisfying. Surface patterns created by the weave are suggestive of the highly detail anatomical drawings I find fascinating. This work I hope invited you to touch, feel and join in the fun.

Willow sculpture

Some of this work may be available for sale. Please contact me for more information.

quarrydale academy willow sculptures

Three willow figures representing the skills and achievements of the young people from Quarrydale Academy. These figures were commissioned by the Art teacher Sarah Mackie, and created with the help of Year 9 pupils who have chosen Art as a GCSE option.

Rufford Aurora Event 2013

An Installation of 12 illuminated willow figures, dancing. They later went on tour to the Nottingham Light Night event in Feb 2013.


A selection of baskets, some of which may be for sale.

Nottingham Light Night 2012

Illuminated sellotape body casts, suspended from the tree in St Mary’s churchyard, Nottingham.

Sculpture in the Sanctuary 2009

An installation of wire and willow in the Swan Sanctuary, Southall 2009