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RHS Hampton Court, Gardens Illustrated

Gardens Illustrated Article For those of you who missed it, here is the article that was published in September's edition of Gardens Illustrated. Many Thanks to Anni Gatti for that!

RHS Hampton Court Flower Show 2015

Willow nest RHS Hampton Court 2015 Willow bird hide for RHS Hampton Court 2015 Sarah and Carole in the willow bird hide City Twitchers Silver Gilt Medal Celebration

What a pleasure it is to be part of this show. I have met and worked with so many lovely people, enjoyed watching all of the fantastic gardens taking shape, had the pleasure of attending the preview with it's pretty impressive firework finale and all in all had a very splendid couple of weeks. Lots of my working time is spent on my own in the workshop weaving away, and it has good to be out and about, hearing such lovely comments about the garden. If you'd like to see it in all it's glory, you can find it on iplayer at for 28 days!

RHS Hampton Court preparations

City Twitchers garden by Sarah Keyser for RHS Hampton Court 2015 Willow bird hide for RHS Hampton Court 2015 Willow bird hide for RHS Hampton Court 2015 Willow bird hide for RHS Hampton Court 2015

At last, months of discussions and enjoying ideas and the work has begun on the willow components of Sarah Keyser's "City Twitchers" garden, for this years RHS Hampton Court Flower Show. Sarah is a talented young garden designer with a passion for creating beautiful, functional gardens that bring a contemporary flair to traditional materials. The idea behind the garden is to create a relaxing peaceful space within an urban setting that encourages wildlife, particularly birds. The type of birdwatching done in this sort of garden isn't really "Twitching" running all over the country ticking off sightings of as many birds as possible. It is the other type, the type I really enjoy, having a space to really observe the more common garden visitors over time, to get to know their calls and song, their habits, feeding patterns, to become deeply acquainted with birds which often go unnoticed. I was delighted to be asked to make this hide.

Funny Haha at Burghley House

Willow Tiger, ready for delivery to Burghley House

Had an altogether busy day yesterday, finishing “the Lady from Riga who rode on a Tiger” for delivery and installation at Burghley House on Monday. The sculpture exhibition this year has the title “Funny Haha” and caused a bit of head scratching to decide what to submit. So going back to childhood influences, remembering what I thought was funny then I remembered the limerick
There once was a lady from Riga
Who rode, with a smile on a tiger,
They returned from the ride,
With the lady inside,
And a smile on the face of the tiger
I thought it was hilarious then…the surreal image appealing to my 7 year old sense of humour, then last night at the “Ship of Fools” comedy night, crying with laughter at Tom Taylor’s surreal musical comedy I realised that my sense of humour hasn’t changed much at all. Here’s the end of the story, I’ll post the beginning after Monday’s installation!

Basketry Identity Exhibition

Basketry Identity exhibit Angel at Belper River Gardens

Basketry Identity Exhibition
25th March – 26th April 2015

The Riverhouse Barn Arts Centre, Walton- on – Thames, Surrey.

I was invited to exhibit a piece for this exhibition, exploring the wide range of materials and techniques used in contemporary basket making. I felt this willow angel described my work and inspirations perfectly and am delighted to have her included.

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